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Prior Cases

Work and Pedestrian Accidents

Our Law Firm filed a personal injury and workers compensation claim for an person who was run over and crushed by an industrial truck while at work. The plaintiff endured over 17 surgeries and the law firm was able to obtain substantial workers compensation benefits and additionally file a third-party claim against the party responsible for the accident. The result was a substantial structured settlement, which will pay the client for the rest of his life

Brode law firm represented a pedestrian who was hit by a moving car while he was trying to cross the street. The man was severely injured and hospitalized. The claim was initially contested by the insurance company. Our firm was able to obtain a settlement for the client in the full amount of the driver's automobile insurance policy.

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Burn victims - product liability

Brode law firm represented a plaintiff in a large products liability case against a major corporation for Burn Injuries sustained by the person. After hard-fought litigation, the defendants settled the matter in mediation for a substantial structured settlement which will pay the victim for the rest of his life.

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Electric wires - burn victim

Our firm was hired by the parents of a child who touched electric wires that were exposed on a playground. The electricity left a burn on the child's chest which had to be treated by a plastic surgeon. Brode Law firm presented claims against both the owner of the playground and utility authority. Settlements were successfully reached with both parties on behalf of the minor client.

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House fire - Burn injury claim

Brode law firm brought a claim against a landlord for severe burn injuries sustained by a child in a house fire because of lack of fire protection devices. Our firm argued that the lack of proper smoke warning devices prevented the minor from exiting the residence. The insurance company for the landlord settled the claim for the entire lump-sum cash amount of the Landlords Homeowner's policy.

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Premises Liability - broken bone, surgery

Brode Law Firm represented a fall injury victim who broke his leg. A second-floor railing collapsed from under him at his apartment complex, causing him to fall to the ground below. A personal injury claim was brought by our firm on behalf of the plaintiff who required surgery to his leg from the accident. A large settlement was reached which factored in the permanent disability and loss of earning capacity to the client

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Automobile Accident - Back injury

Brode law firm filed suit on behalf of a lady injured when a car wrecked into the rear and side of her car. The client had a history of back problems before the accident. At a Jury Trial, Defendants argued that the lady had no new injuries. Our firm proved that the accident aggravated a pre-existing back condition. The jury returned a verdict in favor of our client for approximately thirty- five times greater than defendants estimated. The judgment exceeded defendants insurance coverage.

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Rotator cuff - Left turn car accident

Attorney of Brode law firm filed suit for personal injury client against driver for making a left turn in front of our client's car. The defendants refused to make any sizeable offer before trial. At the Jury Trial, our client's doctor stated that plaintiff had sustained rotator cuff injury in accident. Defendants argued that plaintiff was not hurt as severely as claimed and was partially at fault in accident. Jury returned a verdict in favor of our client that substantially greater than was offered before trial.

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Head-on collision

A victim of a personal injury accident broke her legs and hip in a high-speed head-on automobile collision. She was represented by our firm against the insurance company and other driver who crossed over the median and caused the accident. Brode law firm negotiated with the insurance company to pay the entire amount of the policy to our client. Our firm was able to reach a settlement before a lawsuit had to be filed.

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Permanent scarring

Brode Law firm represented a client who was the victim of a intersection collision. The automobile accident left a permanent scar above our young client's eye. At a Jury Trial, Brode Law firm argued the accident victim's case and the Defendant argued that our client would not be affected by scar. The jury returned a verdict in favor of the accident victim for approximately ten times the amount of medical bills of the client. The court also required the defendant to pay for expert witness fees.

Brode Law firm filed a lawsuit against multiple defendants for an interstate accident. There were children riding in the back of a pickup truck. The two minor children that were represented by Brode Law firm were thrown from the truck incurring serious injuries and scarring over various parts of their body. The children's own insurance company was also brought in by Brode Law firm to cover any insurance shortfall (uninsured/underinsured motorist) problems that might arise in the accident. The matter was referred to a mediator and a sizeable settlement was reached on behalf of the children, with their own insurance company paying for part of their compensation.

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Wrongful Death cases

Brode law firm was retained by the parents of a passenger who was killed in a devastating one car accident. The wrongful death case was potentially made more difficult by an autopsy which showed alcohol and drugs in the system of both driver and passenger. Brode Law firm was able to settle on behalf of victims family for the entire cash amount of the driver's insurance policy.

A Passenger in a van traveling through an intersection died when another automobile, which was on a test drive from a car lot, struck the van. The family of victim retained Brode Law firm to represent them. The wreck was at an intersection that was controlled by a stop sign. The other driver alleged that the stop sign was covered by trees. Also, the defendants claimed that the car title was altered after the accident so the car dealer could escape liability. A multi-party lawsuit was brought by our law firm against several defendants, including the city and the car dealer. After litigation, the matter was eventually settled by all defendants in favor of the deceased's family.

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Amusement park accident - Personal injury

Our client was seriously injured riding a high-speed amusement park ride which malfunctioned. Brode Law Firm's investigation revealed that there was an untrained operator and the backup system, which should have shut down the ride, was non-functioning. Our client received severe injuries, due to the malfunction, while the ride was in operation. During litigation, the matter was settled for a sizeable amount shortly after Brode law firm began scheduling depositions.

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Workers Compensation/Job injury

Client of Brode Law Firm was hurt on the job when she was lifting materials while climbing stairs. Two worker's compensation lawsuits were eventually filed because of multiple injuries requiring back and disk surgeries. The defendants argued that worker's claim should be barred for failed drug tests which were due to prescription medication. Both cases were eventually settled for a substantial lump-sum amount after doctor's depositions were taken.

Our client, a mechanic, was injured while leaning over equipment he was trying to repair. The client had to undergo back surgery for a herniated disk, and could not return to work.The defendants disputed the amount requested by Brode Law firm and our firm tried the matter before a judge. The verdict was returned for the injured worker in an amount greater than was offered by Defendants, in an attempt to settle, the day before the trial. Defendants were also required to pay the expert fees for the Plaintiff.

A Memphis, Tennessee employee suffered a serious on-the-job arm injury while traveling and working out of state. Brode & Brode filed suit in Memphis, Tennessee and the employer attempted to have the lawsuit dismissed, claiming the worker could not sue under Tennessee Court jurisdiction because the injury occurred out of state. After a full day trial on the issue of jurisdiction, the Judge found in favor of the injured employee. Shortly thereafter, the employer settled the case with Brode & Brode on behalf of the injured worker before the final trial began.

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